Member and Client Testimonials

We looked around for about 4 months before choosing Habitat. It’s been perfect – it’s a great social environment, the lighting and the work environment (it’s a really green space) really lift your mood, we are really proud to host visitors, the boardroom is perfect for meetings and the other businesses in here are great value, really friendly and warm.
— Michael Nunan, Habitat member
Environment pitches performance and this space does this tenfold. This is the perfect space for people wanting to get work done and has practical and professional equipment for professionals and entrepreneurs alike. There are no distractions or junk like a pinball machine, only a beautiful boardroom. It’s in a convenient and wonderful location and I highly recommend this space for those that are dedicated on becoming successful.
— Adam Valastro, Founder of Travelling Tradies
A great alternative to stuffy CBD boardrooms. Steve was welcoming, helpful and a pleasure to deal with. We’ll be back!
— Cinzia Kotsiakos, GM & Partner at M A S S and Boardroom Hire Client


We’re in business to help you connect personal, community and environmental well-being. If you'd like to increase your productivity and focus in a stable and supportive community filled with natural light and plants, please get in touch today. Spaces limited.

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